Natural Is The New Sexy - Natural Bundle

$69.99 $129.99

Here is a money-saving bundle with our most popular natural lashes for all you natural lash lovers. Jealousy is our most natural lash, just think of your natural lashes but better! Delicate is longer and fuller than the Jealousy Lashes and is a crowd favorite (she's been sold out 3 times!), and last but not least our to-die-for Barely There lash is everyone's dream cat eyelash, made of premium mink and gives your eyes the illusion of a more almond eye. Yes girl, you'll be so glad we made this kit for you! 

Our Natural Bundle Includes:

  • 1 x Jealousy Lashes
  • 1 x Delicate Lashes
  • 1 x Barely There Lashes
  • 1 x Athena InstaGrip Magnetic Liner
  • 1 x Lashes Applicator


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