Adore - Starter Kit

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This Starter Kit has all you need to get started! 

Exude simplicity and grace with our natural bestselling lashes. They are ideal to add a touch of allure to your look. 

What's in the Kit?

  • 1 pair of Adore Lashes
  • 1 InstaGrip Liner
  • 1 Lashes Applicator

Why you'll love them?

Think of Natural lashes as the equivalent of foundation for your skin. They’ll subtly enhance your eyes, without overpowering your face. And like the best natural lashes, they’ll keep everyone guessing about whether you even have a false set on, or just naturally look this good! We also think that these are the best false natural eyelashes in the sense that they feel like they’re real too. The vegan silk is ultra-lightweight, and it’s attached to a narrow band, so that no part of the design will weigh your eyelids down. In fact, you probably won’t even notice that they are there! Not until you pass a mirror and get reminded of how good you look, anyway.


Magnetic Eyelashes Set Up in Less Than 1 Minute

Our Magnetic Eyelashes are false eyelashes with magnetic pose, without glue and reusable.

Athena's magnetic eyeliner facilitates the installation of the eyelashes, for a successful application in just a few seconds.

Real beauty innovation, this kit allows quick installation and removal, without any glue residue while staying comfortable to wear.

Ok... But How Does it Work?

The eyeliner has iron oxide (don't worry, it's safe for your eyes), and the lashes have magnets. The magnets attract iron oxide, causing the lashes and liner to stick together.

... Less Than 10 Seconds to Take Them Off!

Feel the difference!